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  1. CONGLOMERATE is very pleased to present:

    Peles Empire
    Renata Har
    John Holten
    Hanne Lippard

    05 – 17 Oct 2017

    Opening October 5th, 6-10pm at PELES EMPIRE

    COOKING WITH JOHN(S), the food show that looks for difference in the familiar. Each week: a new episode, a new John. And on today’s show we will be taking a look at the entire process of an act of a takeaway home delivery. 

    COOKING WITH JOHN(S) is the third project in CONGLOMERATE's 2017 program in which guest artists are invited to collaborate on the development, building and filming of a new television show. The "TV Sets" are later open to the public as exhibitions.

    Funded by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Berlin


    Peles Empire
    Karl-Marx-Strasse 58 (Hinterhof) 
    12043 Berlin