1. Holten's novel is one of the greatest works of art to come out of Berlin in recent years
                — Travis Jeppesen Art in America

    Oslo, Norway cleverly gathers romance, cartography and Nordic myth in a meta-fictional retelling or interpretation of the streets of the eponymous capital. A self-aware tale of love and the fictions that are told in the process of it, the novel will be enjoyed by readers of Bolaño, Cortázar and Calvino and should be attempted by others.

                — Phil Clement, Structo magazine

    The Readymades by John Holten: easily one of the most ambitious, interesting, well-executed novels by an Irish writer I’ve come across.

                 — Rob Doyle, author of Here Are the Young Men

    Holten has expanded the scope of the contemporary novel so that it is not merely a comment on the present but a set of artistic strategies and processes sent out into the world at large. 

                 — Brian Dillon, author of Sanctuary

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