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  1. Simon Speiser - like biting into sugar cane - May 25-30

    Josep Maynou - Thing 1, Thing 2 - November 2017

    Rob Doyle - In This Skull Hotel Where I Sleep - Janurary 2018

    a book, a room

    A Series of Books and Shows at Büro BDP

    The series a book, a room, is conceived as several solo exhibitions or interventions in our gallery space at Büro BDP, with each having an accompanying publication. The intention and aspiration is to give artists and writers the chance to place within both gallery and paginated spaces their work, and to explore the possibilities for narrative, storytelling and text within a visual, performative or otherwise physical practice; or indeed, for writers, we can flip that and say vice versa and ask, how can writers use space?

    The affinities between books and exhibition spaces do not need a lot of outlining: catalogues and accompanying printed matter have long been a staple of contemporary art practice. Indeed, it has always been Broken Dimanche Press’s wish to operate within the space where literature and visual art meet and overlap.

    Coupled with this interest is the belief that fiction and storytelling need to reassert their ability to represent the world and fulfil their function as outlets for aesthetic experiences. In a time of so-called ‘Post-truth’, the possibilities and challenges for art are numerous, and these in turn can and should lead to new avenues and opportunities for crossovers and hybrid forms of storytelling.

    Curated by John Holten

    Artists and writers: Amy Ball, Rob Doyle, Josep Maynou, Simon Speiser

    Book design: Form Und Konzept

    First exhibition and book: Simon Speiser (May 25-30)

    Book format: A5, 50 copies to be printed for each event/ box edition to follow in Nov. 2017