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  2. My artistic practice involves writing novels and fiction. My first novel The Readymades was published in 2011, the second, Oslo, Norway, was published in 2015. I'm interested in the future of reading and the reception of fiction: its dissemination, its form and content, its potential

    My artistic practice involves publishing. I co-founded and co-run Broken Dimanche Press as a self-declared fictional publishing house that has made over 40 publications.

    My artistic practice involves working with visual artists collaboratively. Most recently I have written texts for and with Ari Benjamin Meyers, Jonathan Monk, Natalie Czech, Lorenzo Sandoval, Mahony, Jani Ruscica, among others.

    My work has been exhibited or screened in many international contemporary art settings such as Malmö konsthall, The White Building, David Zwirner Gallery (with Aengus Woods), NGBK, Agora, Villa Romana,, Plan B Gallery Extrapool, Nijmegen and Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna.

  3. JH would like to acknowledge the support of Culture Ireland